Living Word Church

A Heart of Wisdom

God is available to you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. He is never on vacation. - Church Sign Saying Over thirty years ago, after Pamela Ree Pearson's church moved onto a busy Alabama highway, she was commissioned with creating sayings for the sign board meant to minister to passing motorists. On the first Sunday Pamela and her pastor husband, Michael, conducted services in their new building, the sign outside read, "Open Sundays". In A Heart of Wisdom, Pamela relies on her years of research, meticulous note-taking, and whisperings from the Holy Ghost to share a rich collection of proverbs and sayings used to adorn her church billboards for years. Grouped by relatable themes such as faith, character, love, forgiveness, and prosperity, Pamela's collection provides a wide range of pearls of wisdom meant to guide, encourage, and heal others as they seek answers to many of life's most complex questions. Life requires wisdom. A Heart of Wisdom offers inspirational guidance to help anyone interested in embarking on a fulfilling journey on the path toward understanding, empowerment, and enlightenment. "Pamela Ree Pearson has gathered and compiled proven perspectives for fl owing in the Kingdom of God from anointed men and women of God that will undoubtedly change your life". - Michael Billings, senior pastor of River Church, Tuscaloosa, Alabama